— Anonymous: Don't you think that being in YG is the main reason WINNER is doing so well as rookies and charting so well?


I don’t usually bother with questions like these but since it’s a reoccurring topic, I’m going to answer this as simply as I can: being in YG is a part of the reason and not the whole reason why WINNER had a successful debut. There are other notable factors to take into consideration when defining WINNER’s success and most deviate from what you claim, dear anon. 

  • Before all this success, WINNER were YG rookies first and foremost. And if you know a thing or two, YG is one of the hardest companies to get into and even harder to make it through it’s grueling trainee process. Only the toughest and the best make it through as trainees in YG and WINNER made it through due to their own hard-work, talent, perseverance, and determination.
  • For their debuting process, WINNER wasn’t handed everything on a silver platter just because “they from YG." In fact, they had to please YG himself (that is challenge in itself) and they had to live up to the expectations of being the next boygroup since BIG BANG. They had to make everything perfect before they got the OK from YG. They had to spend 9+ months making sure that there were no loose ends because this was their one and only shot at debuting. WINNER had to earn everything the hard way without any shortcuts. 
  • WINNER is slaying the charts and winning because their debut album is well-liked among all ages and demographics in South Korea right now. If only fangirls or kpop fans were supporting WINNER, they would have fallen of the charts long ago and be swept under the rug. But they’re still going strong because the general public likes WINNER. Not just fangirls/boys. In fact, their success is backed up by amazing sales figures of their album doing well both digitally and physically.
  • If we use the logic that WINNER is winning because they’re in YG, then other new generation rookies like GOT7 and Red Velvet should be winning left and right since they’re from JYP and SM (the other two big companies). But they have not had nowhere near the success that WINNER has had because again, WINNER appeals to the general public. 

TL;DR: the quality of WINNER’s music, the small but loyal fandom, their mad talent in composing, their killer vocals, and the general public exposure is what pushed WINNER forward with YG playing a part in the back burner. So please don’t discredit WINNER and their hard-earned success just because they’re from YG.


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